I Teach and Empower Spiritual Humans Through

Self-Discovery to Clarity, Purpose & Alignment

Through Group Tarot, Coaching & Healing

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How I Can Help You?

Support, guidance & healing for lgbtq+ humans & allies

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Intuitive Tarot Readings

I read tarot, oracle cards & pendulums using my intuition to help provide you the very best reading I can.

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Spiritual Transformation Academy

Monthly and weekly readings, moon readings, mini topic, free courses, one free reading a month and more.

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Coaching & Courses

I am a spiritual coach and I intuitively work with you to coach you on spiritual, life purpose & transformation topics.

Work With Me

  • Find Your True Self.
  • Spirituality and how to best integrate it into your life.
  • Find and learn to live in alignment with your life purpose.
  • Gain Confidence and Happiness now, not when you have whatever it is you desire.
  • Create and live the Life You were meant to have.
  • Figure out what your blocks are and what’s limiting you and how you can move forward
  • Creating goals that suits you and taking inspired action on those goals.

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