7 Chakra Energy Reading


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Your 7 chakras Energy Reading will go into the energy of each of the 7 main chakras and we will dig into what’s going on with them, and how you can heal any issues regarding these.

The 7 chakras are

1. Root chakra, for self preservation, grounding, energy level, vitality and more,

2. Sacral chakra for sexual issues, emotions, nurturing and more.

3. Solar Plexus for ego, projection, digestion, expression and more.

4. Heart chakra for love, healing, compassion, understanding and more.

5. Throat chakra for speech, self-expression, communication and more

6. Third eye for visions, fantasies, dreams, psychic abilities, visualisations of thought, and more,

7.  Crown chakra for cosmic connection, higher aspirations, desire for truth and knowledge and more.

This will include an unlimited amount of cards and you will receive your private video link to your email address without n 2-4 working days.  I will email you if there is a delay in this with a new date.

All Readings are for 18+ and entertainment purposes only


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