Life Purpose Reading


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Are you wanting to find out more information on your current life purpose?  If so this reading is for you, I will go into what your life purpose is right now.  It will include as many cards as I feel is needed until the question is answered.

It will answer 11 questions

1. What is your life purpose?

2. How living in alignment with this looks?

3. How others see your life purpose?

4. How you see your life purpose?

5. How do you align with your life purpose?

6. What are your passions?

7.  What are your talents?

8. How to combine these?

9. What advice do you need to know?

10. What are your next steps?

11. Any blockages or things to avoid?

Readings will be recorded and a private video link will be sent to you within 2-4 working days, I will email you if this needs to change though with a new date.

This is for 18+ only and entertainment purposes only.


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