Step into your power


Do you want to know how to best step into your power?  If so this reading is for you, I will answer the 8 questions below with an unlimited number of cards, until I feel the answers have all been given.

1. What part of your purpose are you not living fully?

2. What’s blocking this?

3. How to unblock?

4. What talents should you be using that you have been?

5. How can you incorporate these into your life?

6. What’s stopping you from stepping into your power?

7. How can you step more into your power?

8. Possible outcome


The reading will be completed and a private video link emailed to you within 2-4 working days, or the date I’ve told you via email, or Facebook messenger that it will be done by.  If this can’t be completed within this time period, I will email you with a new date.

All readings are for 18 + and entertainment purposes only.


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